Looking to sell your classic car? We’re here to help you every step of the way.

Whether you are simply a classic car seller, collector, recent classic car estate sale trustee or a casual hobbyist, you are doubtlessly aware how difficult and time consuming it can be to sell your classic car at a fair price in today’s collector car marketplace. Where do you start?

Palmetto Classic Cars consignment program can take the pain and frustration out of the selling process, while assuring you a top dollar price for your classic car.

When you’re ready to consign your Classic Car, or indeed an entire collection of classic cars, the Palmetto Classic Car’s consignment program is a very attractive alternative to the discriminating seller who wants a fast, painless and worry-free transaction.

What’s needed for Consignment?

  1. Copy of the title with a VIN that matches the car
  2. Copy of Driver’s License with a name that matches the title
  3. No Open Titles.

Where are you located?

Palmetto Classic Cars is located at:

101 Southwest Dr
Spartanburg, SC
(864) 586-3586

Who is Palmetto Classic Cars

We are a car dealer specializing in the consignment, purchase, and sale of classic and collectible cars to a network of qualified buyers and sellers.

Do you purchase Classic Cars?

Although our focus is on selling vehicles through consignment, we do occasionally purchase vehicles for resale. Contact us via our Consignment Page with pictures and your vehicles description for consideration. Please note in your contact that you are interested in selling, please keep in mind that if we consider a purchase we will not be able to pay book value as our purchases are for resale.

Do you appraise Classic Cars?

Although we do not provide official appraisals of classic cars, we do provide our experienced and professional opinion of the potential sales price for vehicles sold on consignment through our company. Contact us for more information.

Send us your Information

Interested in consigning your Classic Car? take a few moments and send us your details, we're looking forward to the opportunity of working with you!